Sermons of
St. Vincent Ferrer, O.P.


By a stroke of luck, some years ago, I came into possession of a 3-volume edition of the sermons of St. Vincent Ferrer, O.P. The 1570 edition, in Latin, contained approximately 400 of his sermons, spanning the entire liturgical year and including sermons on some saints and other general themes. St. Vincent Ferrer was an accomplished scholar, theologian, and advisor to the Avignon anti-pope Benedict XIII. In mid-life he came to the decision to take to the higways of Europe as a parish mission preacher. For twenty years he trod the roads of Spain and France and even beyond. He was known all over Europe. He was the "Billy Graham" of the early 1400's.

His sermons, as recorded in the Antwerp edition, are profoundly scriptural. The presentation is based on the "literal" meaning, the analysis of the theme text, usually the daily gospel. He doesn't hesitate, however to search out the "moral," or practical application of the text to his listeners. We ask your patience with our translations if they seem awkward and unfinished, for so they are. We are learning how to render the Latin text into a readable modern English version. Suggestions are welcomed.

I pray that listening to a Dominican preacher addressing his hearers six hundred years ago will help you come to the realization, as I have, that the faith of that age is recognizable as the faith of the church today. The mystery of the gospel remains awe-inspiring on the lips of a Valencian friar, even though he is long gone.

The Biblical Latin text of the edition is the classical Vulgate. Our English translation of scripture is borrowed from the early Douay version, which was based on the Vulgate. We have modernized some of the thee's and thou's for easier reading. Latin scholars may be able to make use of the pages from the latin edition which I have appended to the PDF versions marked with an asterisk ( * ).

Please return to this page, for more and more translations, as they are finished an put into a regularized format.
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Fr. Albert G. Judy, O.P., St. Vincent Ferrer Priory, River Forest, IL

The Sermons

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Advent and Christmas
Lent and Easter
On St. Ann, Mother of the BVM (Rom 6:22) DOC
On St. Dominic (Mt 5:13) DOC
On the Assumption of the BVM Sermon I (Lk 10:38-42) DOC
On Predestination (Jn 15:4) DOC
Sept. 14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross DOC
Other Documents